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Tracie’s teacher resource books are carefully researched and aligned with current standards. They include helpful information, step-by-step lessons, extension activities, ELL tips, and assessment options.

Celebrating Holidays: Reading, Writing & Hands-on Activities Grade 3-4


Introduce, teach, and celebrate the holidays with your students. This culturally diverse book is full of original fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, along with writing, speaking, listening, and craft activities. Relevant vocabulary is also included. Each of the twenty-two units covers a specific holiday. The reading passages and accompanying activities are all based on and aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

ISBN: 9781420631784
UPC: 088231931782

Daily Warm-Ups Reading Grade 7


Each book in the Daily Warm-Ups: Reading series provides students with over 150 opportunities to master important reading skills. The warm ups include both fiction and nonfiction reading passages, followed by questions that are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy to allow for higher-level thinking skills. Adding one daily warm-up a day to the classroom schedule or at home gives students the practice they need to improve their reading comprehension skills. The content is correlated to the Common Core State Standards. Available for grades 1-8.

ISBN: 9781420636581
UPC: 088231936589

Nonfiction Reading Comprehension for the Common Core Grade 8


Focusing on the “analysis” component in the Common Core scheme of reading comprehension, students are presented with 18 nonfiction passages that cover science, history, biographies, and informational text. After reading a passage, students are asked different “levels” of multiple choice questions, helping students recognize that different types of questions require different levels of effort and thinking. They are also asked to write questions of their own and to answer essay questions. Available for grades 1-8.

ISBN: 9781420638332
UPC: 088231938330

Nonfiction Writing for the Common Core


This resource provides techniques for integrating Common Core writing standards into your current teaching practices. Students are introduced to the three main text types emphasized in the standards: Argumentative Writing, Informational/Explanatory Text, and Narrative Writing. A variety of lessons designed to build student proficiency are included for each text type as well as extension activities and assessment plans. Available for grades 3, 4, 5, and 6.

ISBN: 9781420630701
UPC: 088231930709


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